Welcome All!

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I have always been an artist.  Growing up, I wanted to become a writer and poet.  I studied Literature and Creative Writing in undergraduate, and also in graduate school.  My focus was on poetry.  Along my journey, I became ill, and had to shift my focus from becoming a professor of literature.  I retreated to my art, painting, sketching, and creating wire-wrapped jewelry.  I then opened a shop on Etsy named for one of my favorite book series.  Carou’s Curiosities was born, and from 2012 to 2015, I had my little corner, and I loved it!

            I closed my Etsy shop in 2015, and in September of 2016, I began my journey into metalsmithing.  I am completely self-taught thus far, relying on a wonderful group of aspiring metalsmiths online, YouTube tutorials, and my sense of adventure.  I love a challenge, and metalsmithing has certainly challenged me on a daily basis.  There is no end to what one can learn in this craft, and I love that there are so many different techniques and styles to learn.  I look forward to my sacred time at my bench each day.  I get so much satisfaction from my craft, and I will continue to learn and grow.  I am so grateful to my boyfriend for all his support, and to the many friends I’ve made through social media who are learning this craft just like me.  Artist’s supporting other artist’s is a thing of beauty.

            My pieces are a reflection of my life thus far, literature, poetry, pagan spirituality, nature, and love.  I am blessed in that each day is another day I am able to create pieces of jewelry.  I am a bit OCD about my work, but in the end, I learn from my mistakes and push forward.

            With my previous shop, I used a nickname that I’ve had for years.  I went by Irishfaery.  I love the nickname, but I have learned to embrace who I am, and what I love doing.  So, I would like to say hello to you all.  My name is Erin, and I am the creative force behind Carou’s Curiosities.  Thank you for being a part of my journey.